New semester, director and different Entourage

When most think of an entourage the thought of a large group of people that accompany and follow in the footsteps of a certain someone comes to mind. I guess you can say the same about the campus gospel choir Entourage. They are God’s Entourage to be exact. As I sit and observe my surroundings I have no choice but to embrace the fellowship and graceful tunes during their rehearsal. From the angelic sounds of the sopranos to the bold praises of the altos and tenors, I couldn’t help but sing along and clap my hands to classic gospel songs such as “Immanuel” and “Bless His Holy Name.” The Spirit of God was definitely in the house.
Most of us have heard of them but some have still been deprived of hearing the powerful voices displayed in Entourage.

“A group of people who are working to bring people closer to God through music,” said Entourage Director Trea Trapp, as he defined Entourage in his own words after practice last Thursday night at Upon the Rock Worship Center in Ruston.

What separates this Entourage from previous groups is, not only the size, but also the fact that this semester everyone was given the opportunity to be a part of the group. Though many still had to undergo the auditions process, they definitely did not get denied. All were welcome.

Vice President of Entourage, D’Ann Harris said ” It made me grow closer to Christ.”

She enjoys being part of a group of people unafraid to worship God.

“When you’re comfortable doing it with your own peers it is easier to minister to the people because they’re all there for one common goal and that is to reap souls,” she said while speaking of the organization.

She knew she wanted to become a member the moment she felt the spirit of the group. She joined, not looking for a show but for a worship experience and that’s exactly what she got.

For those around campus who are needing and wanting to become closer to God, Entourage is willing to help lost souls through prayer, bible study and teaching of the gospel, along with assuring them that whatever they are going through is only temporary. Director Trea Trapp says that he wants people not only to sing but to know what they are singing about.
Entourage has many upcoming performances including the Gospel Explosion October 25, 2009 and a concert in November.

Students interested in being a part of this worship experience can contact any member of the organization and notify them that you want to join and to be contacted by the director, Trea Trapp, for an audition.