GSU Young Democrats speak out

Dear editor:There is an urgent need to pass health insurance reform this year in order to bring stability and improved care to all Americans.

With over 46 million Americans uninsured, and an even larger number under-insured, we have a moral obligation to reform our current system and protect all Americans.

Young people are the largest population affected by our current health insurance system with many of us too old, to be covered by our parents plans, not in a job that offers health insurance, and not able to afford quality private insurance because of our income. We are not invincible.

We get sick just like the rest of America does, and preventative care would help us to avoid serious illnesses and would be more cost-effective.

Health insurance reform would build on what works in our health care system, it would fix what was broken, and it would ensure stable costs, choices and quality care.

– Ashanti Brown
Acting president,
GSU Young Democrats