Grambling male soccer team is now a reality

As I left church on a Sunday afternoon, I passed by the old football stadium and I saw a group of young men playing soccer. I thought they were a professional team, but to my surprise they were a bunch of regular students, who gather every Sunday to play soccer.
I got out the car and watched their game for about 10-15 minutes.

After watching them play a phenomenal game, it got me thinking that we need a men’s soccer team.
I’m a firm believer in utilizing someone talent’s because if you don’t someone else will.

Remember Louisiana Tech, University of Louisiana at Monroe and Northwestern State surround Grambling.

By not having a soccer team, these young men have to go elsewhere to play the game they love.

The kid who doesn’t have a chance to play soccer here, might go elsewhere and become a superstar.

I’m just saying here at Grambling, we should try to keep good talent and not let it walk away.

You would be shocked at how many guys at Grambling State University know and love the game a soccer.

I’m not complaining. I’m just saying that we should always give young people the avenue to display their talent.

I have no idea why we do not have a male soccer team. It should be an idea that should run by our athletic director J. Lin Dawson.
Athletics are very good for our young men because they help build character in their lives and keeps them out of trouble.
Athletics make young men productive in their lives.

We have a lot of young people who are very talented and we should fully maximize them. If we don’t, somebody else will.