Grambling graduate to bring production to town of Homer

Majara Entertainment is putting on the Inaugural Louisiana Performance of Delivered from the Hand of the Evil Man, along with the National Gospel Stage. The unspoken issue of domestic violence that many members of our community, church and workplaces are silently carrying with them each day and night is what this play will highlight. The event will be held on Oct. 24 at City Hall located at 400 E. Main Street in Homer, at 5 p.m.

Vincent Coleman and his wife Marion graciously want to share with the community this wonderful and enlightening production. This performance is sure to captivate you as well as shed light on the pain flowing from churchgoers and those that may labor among you.

Delivered from the Hand of the Evil Man, encourages change in viewers who have experienced life in a suppressive environment who seek a way out. Many men and women are afraid to admit that they are being abused due to the fear of gossip about their misfortune therefore they shut down and stay in the relationship.

In Louisiana, Health and Human Services commission reports that over 20,000.00 adults receive shelter from their spouses.
Majara has programs and services that cater to a wide array of individuals. It includes a mentoring program, counseling sessions, praise dance, piano lessons, and college preparation for teenagers.

Majara also has A Real Sister to Sister program designed to assist women involved in domestic violence another outlet besides the play for abused individuals. With your support of the program we can help save a few lives and maybe even the lives of some of your loved ones.

Please note that Majara Entertainment will offer a prepaid group rate for those who plan to attend Delivered out of the Hand of the Evil Man in groups of 5 or more. Please call and make a purchase and reservation today with Promoter Bobbie Coleman (318)347-8231, Ruby Fisher 318-927-5497, and John Davis 318-927-6566