Food service kicks off student survey

Members of the student-body who have a meal plan are being encouraged to take a survey, which is aimed at improving the service provided by the cafeteria.Gwendolyn Giles, service manager at the facility, said that the survey began on October 1 and concludes at the end of the month. She is encouraging all students to take some time before dining to complete the survey on computer located at the entrance of the cafeteria.

“We are trying to get the students to speak out about their dining experience here in residential dining and across the street at Tiger Express,” Giles said.

According to Giles, the students’ participation in previous surveys have been minimal and said with the low participation it’s difficult to forecast the preferences of the majority of students.

“We hear the students talking about what they want, but our students do not take the time to fill out the survey but they complain … Let me know what you are looking for and we can try to implement what you are looking for,” Giles said.

A survey was conducted last spring and only approximately 586 students participated. More than 2000 students had a meal plan.

Giles said that some actually spend time completing the questionnaire, but other students rush through the questions and don’t provide adequate answers. This has negative impact on the service provided in the cafeteria.

She said that during the last survey some students indicated a preference for more health food.

However, when management added more health foods on the menu, a subsequent survey indicated that students weren’t concerned with heallthy eating.

Giles said this is one of the negative sides of not completing the survey and outlined that measures that will be added are based on the responses given.

Giles said she was unaware of the high salt content in the food until students told her about it.

An executive chef work for the dining hall board and has been further strengthening the services offered.

Giles said students have avenues for expressing their dissatisfaction with the service.

She said shortly the suggestion box will be replaced in the cafeteria so that students can express their views. The suggestion box was withdrawn sometime ago, since the comments received were useless.

“I had to withdraw the comment box since there was no valuable feedback to the service being offered,” Giles said.

Many Caribbean students have expressed their displeasure with the food and Giles said this is an opportunity for them to express their views so that their needs can be better served.

The survey takes five to seven minutes to be completed. In appreciation for completing the questions, students have the opportunity to obtain a free gift.