DBW kicks off week of activities

The Society of Distinguished Black Women kicked off DBW week with Corporate Worship at New Living Word and a Laundry Clean-up. The week continued with various seminars and events such as The Miss DBW platform, Wild Wild Western Wednesday, “Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man” a seminar based on the popular book by Steve Harvey and Free Food Friday. Monday night was the “You Are What You Wear” Seminar.

The ladies discussed appropriate work attire, sample interview questions and tips, and work place etiquette.

An impromptu fashion show followed with members of The Black Dynasty Modeling Troupe, and members of DBW. Sample attire was modeled for the office, fashion industry, and creative industries. A male model showed what is appropriate to wear to an interview.

The tips discussed were essential to understanding how to prepare students for a career after their matriculation.

Tips such as asking the employer questions about the position one wishes to fill, planning for an interview ahead of time, and drafting sample resumes were included. Sample questions that one might be asked at an interview were discussed.

The most popular question asked in an interview is “tell me about yourself.” The seminar moderator told attendees that a first impression is made within the first twelve seconds of the introduction, and that 55 percent of judgment is solely based upon one’s looks.

Though the seminar was rather brief, it offered a lot of information on how to conduct oneself professionally and how to dress appropriately for the office.

The Society of Distinguished Black Women is a local organization on campus that focuses on the development of young black women.