Jam session, popular

The sophomore class hosted a jam session in the Tiger Express last Friday night.The session was planned to help students relieve stress after midterm examinations. And might I add, it was definitely a stress reliever!

There was much to see and the room was filled with plenty of laughter. Hosted by Sir Williams and Shunnie from BET’s “Season of the Tiger”, the session showcased many campus talents.
The line-up included Entourage singers, Sumthin’ Serious dance group, Prestige Modeling troupe, and Black Dynasty Modeling troupe.

There were also random performances by students in a “dancing spirit.” True talent was evident throughout the night.

Delivering two powerful gospel medleys, Entourage blessed us with the most touching performance. Their melodies transformed the nightclub atmosphere into a gospel explosion in a matter of minutes.
“It wasn’t really our type of environment, but it is never a wrong time to minister,” said Katrina Harris of Ruston.
The host left no room for bordem by keeping the student audience entertanied they waited in anticipation of the scheduled acts.

From a freestyle performance by Williams to a gospel selection by Shunnie, the hosts delivered perfection.

The audience watched attentively as the modeling troupes shocked the crowd with two selections each.

Tying choreography into one of their performances, Prestige showed off everyday attire and club catches.

From strutting in school supplies to making a BOLD statement in bathrobes, shower caps, ‘onesies’, and boyshorts, Black Dynasty left some of the crowd with expressions of amazement and others with invisible question marks dangling above their heads.

Nonetheless, each performance fit into the fun-filled mood and good humor that gave the students the stress-break that the sophomore class intended.

Sumthin’ Serious’ rhythmic enthusiasm got the audience involved in their breathtaking break-dancing and bouncing.
Transforming the last thirty minutes of the night into a party scene, blasting music encouraged the students to let loose, and enjoy themselves in a safe environment.

“It was a pretty interesting event that turned into the club and the best part was that I got in for free,” said Veondra Riley of Los Angeles.

Judging by the support, the jam session was a success!
Events like this are much needed activities on GSU’s campus. They brings students together and are great alternatives to hitting the club every weekend.