GSU Soccer

She is an intimidating presence on the soccer field.

Her team mates love her, opponents and rival coaches fear her. Cherie Silas is a force to be reckoned with. Silas is a well-known played, who is as familiar with the game as she is with the back of her hand. She has been played soccer for years.

She began playing soccer at the age of five. She continued to excel in the sport and played throughout her high school years, while also taking on basketball and track.

Despite being an all-around athlete in high school, Silas decided to focus strictly on soccer in college.

“Soccer is different,” said Silas. ” It’s more of a challenge than basketball or track, and my mother enjoyed watching me play it.”

The transition from high school to college was different because her school was predominantly made up of the opposite race.

Coming to Grambling, she was exposed to playing with a team composed of her own race.

Since being at GSU, she has learned to work with different personalities and characters.

Although going off to play soccer in college is a great achievement, being away from home is sometimes a challenge for the soccer stand out.

She is accustomed to the support of her mother at games, as well as her younger sister, who admires her.

Even though she is an outstanding athlete, playing goalie is a challenge and is rarely easy as it looks.

“I play the hardest position,” said Silas. “I’m the last defender.”
She explained that there is no room for mistakes when playing goalie.

The position requires concentration and agility to keep the game going.

“It’s the outcome. I know that I’m working not only for myself, but for my teammates as well,” exclaimed the talented goalie, when asked what keeps her motivated.

“I’m a hawk. I can watch everything.”

She has said this before games since she was younger.
While playing on a collegiate level, Silas won numerous awards.

Some of those awards include being named MVP, named All-SWAC her freshman year, and Goalie of the Year.

Outside of soccer Silas likes to work out, shop, and watch sports.

Some of her favorite stores include Forever 21, Nike, Express, and Victoria’s Secret. She enjoys watching baseball, football and soccer.

Silas expressed that she will miss going to other schools competing and being the main target.

“Our opponents sometimes feel that if they get me out of the game, they have a chance to win.”

After her collegiate career is over, Silas plans to try out for a professional team in Atlanta and attend graduate school.

She also has aspirations of working with the DEA or FBI.