Tabasco interns attend annual orientation

GSU’s TABASCO Marketing interns Christel Eugene and Alexis Davis attended the annual Fall student orientation session held at Avery Island on Friday, Sept. 25. The day long affair was held under the college marketing reps and advisors of Dillard’s, Southern and Xavier University.The mandate for this activity was to provide both returning and new interns with an overview of McIlhenny Company as well as the Tabasco products that we will be marketing. It was also a forum for interns to present their fall marketing strategy to be carried out at their respective schools.

The orientation also facilitated the introduction of the upcoming spring’s Marketing Challenge where students are given a specific target or current problem faced by the company. They were also asked to compete for the winning solution. GSU has continued to outshine our other southern counterparts during these annual challenges.

After the introductions, a history of the marketing internship program was presented. A view of the church outreach projects as well as some of the fundamentals of the TABASCO family brand took place.

Interns were exposed to the most critical details of the retail and the food service marketing aspects of Tabasco. After this, interns partook of the most thrilling lunch/taste test activity. A bid to illustrate suggested uses of TABASCO family brand and popular lunch items were paired with corresponding Tabasco flavors.

For example. The ribs were paired with the Chipotle flavored Tabasco sauce, sweet and spicy sauce with spring rolls, and green pepper sauce topped with Guacamole. Stacy Kelley, GSU advisor, along with other advisors and student interns were treated to a tour of Avery Island and the factory/production area.

During the last segment of the orientation, each HBCU was given the chance to present their calendar of promotional activities for the fall. McIlhenny Management commended the Grambling group for an outstanding, creative, and expertly presented marketing action plan. It included a sponsorship of major greek, modeling, Christian, and SGA organized activities.

The major projected taste test activity is the former Tabasco intern’s reunion tailgating party to be held during the homecoming game.