Student perspectives

Humans are a funny species. While being the most dominant, we often succumb to the most juvenile things. Even the strong fall off the path throughout the course of life; so there’s no time to be weak-minded. Knowing one’s self is said to be the apex of learning, so let me guide you one step closer to achievement. With that being said, you must know the difference between what you feel and what is tangible!

This means to sit back and thoroughly evaluate whatever situation may be troubling your poor soul. Ladies, is that young man who shows you blatant disregard worth the time of being upset? Gentlemen, is the shorty who you know is “rockin’ ” with like four other dudes you know, still “actin’ bad?”

Don’t trip, as they say. Your most obvious emotion is frequently most correct. That means that there is no need to feel slighted. It just wasn’t for you. Oftentimes, we become so emotional that our feelings blind us from the truth.

On the flip side, some people are so smart that they stupefy themselves in a given situation. For example: The student who comes from a not-so-charitable upbringing may have financial woes that cause him or her to believe they are lacking.

Don’t trip. Being in college is a way to help the situation, of course, with proper routes. To the freshman young woman who didn’t get any acknowledgement from the fellas in high school, don’t let that serve as an excuse to “wild out” now in college.
Ma, let that be motivation to guide you through these four years and make people respect you for your mind. We all are going to have unique experiences, from incoming freshmen to graduating seniors.

Whether it’s the dude who feels he lacks respect amongst his peers, and recreates an image of himself or the financial worker who has better things to do with his or her time, someone you may come in contact with in the next few seconds is dealing with his or her feelings.

I tend to not care sometimes. Like so many others, I fall victim to the ongoing war of those who only care about themselves. Just kidding, but could you blame me if I wasn’t? With unity now being subterfuge for individuals masking their true intentions of self-gain, one couldn’t be mad at a person who is out for theirs. In comes the personal responsibility, with each person being more aware of the bigger picture, which is our existence as a people. Especially as Black people, we can agree to eliminate nonsense from our lives.

My father once told me, “Don’t spend a lifetime trying to fix a life mistake.” And we do that by knowing the difference between which feelings shall pass and those that will last.

Sirarminius Williams is a junior education major from New Orleans.