Student perspective

Yes, we all know when HBCUs get together there is bound to be a clash of crazy fashion attempts. But you would think when it rained that students would not go as hard. Wrong!

Many of the clothing styles that I saw Saturday at the Cotton Bowl in Dallas couldn’t even be categorized. Just imagine guys with finger waves, girls with stripper heels and adults with more gold in their mouths than most jewelry stores have. That was not even the most outrageous thing. It was raining. I have to admit that the majority kept cool and I would like to shine light on some of the fashion do’s that I admired.

For instance, some of the ladies were aware of the weather and put good use to sweaters that had very unique designs, patterns and tailored details. For the guys, I must give props because they put good use to scarves and cardigans with ties to show a more mature way of dressing and to increase their level of individuality.

Now some onto some of the don’ts:

For the ladies, so many had shirts that they attempted to turn into dresses. Here is a little hint: If a shirt does not pass where the sun doesn’t shine on you, it’s not a dress.

For the guys, I think it was worse. Jerseys and colored Afros do not mix, no matter how much one may try to pull it off. I also noticed some of the attendees dressed casually and comfortably in simple sweatsuits, hoodies and their favorite blankets as accessories.

I arrived with a short sleeved T-shirt, gray jeans, and Vans to complement the weather and set my level of comfort. I believe that because there was so much going on that each person in the crowd just kept it to his or her own.

The atmosphere and the city of Dallas set the mood and tone. The all-around experience of Dallas was enjoyable and satisfying to this fashionisto’s eye.

Until next time: Remember, if you have to question it, don’t wear it.

Austin Richard is a sophomore art/marketing major from Houston.