Senate passes vote to students

As students filed into the Senate meeting, looks of disappointment and confusion covered their faces. The topics of discussion weren’t limited to the usual complaints.The Vote of No Confidence was the main concern of students.

SGA President Steven Jackson wanted everyone to know that “(student leaders) haven’t gone to sleep” on the concerns of the student body.

Jackson pointed out that President Horace Judson and his cabinet had not met the deadline to address students’ complaints.

They had the Senate’s complaints in hand for more than two weeks.

“I don’t have a problem with you deferring it longer,” Jackson told the Senate, “but at some point the Senate has to take control and not let the university continue to sweep it under the rug.”

Jackson made the suggestion to give President Judson and his cabinet five more days to address the concerns of the student body.

If in that time the concerns hadn’t been addressed, the Senate would move to place the Vote of No Confidence in the hands of the students and let them decide.

The Senate recessed to privately discuss the actions they would take next. As students patiently waited for the Senate to return, the bickering and complaining among the senators could be heard. SGA Vice President Lamark Hughes apologized for the delay.

When they reconvened, Hughes said, “The Senate will not be voting that we have confidence or voting that we don’t have confidence in President Judson. We are passing the Vote of No Confidence to the student body.”

Hughes said information on when and where the voting would take place will be forthcoming later this semester.