Judicial Affairs holds training

The Student Judicial Board had a training session for the new student and staff board members.The purpose of the office of Student Judicial Affairs is to increase the students learning and growth and development by making students aware of the universities expectations of behavior on and off campus. As long as a student attends GSU, they are responsible for all of their actions.

The goal of Student Affairs is to help develop individual students and the community.

“I have been in the program since May. I just love the process in which they discipline and help students review or learn from their mistakes. It’s not about punishment but helping them develop,” responded Alice Leonce, a senior paralegal major.

Judicial Affairs works to keep the peace on campus. According to classification, the number of adjudicated incidents on campus have gone down 25 for freshmen, nine for sophomores, 18 for juniors and up four for seniors in the last year.

“This is annual training that we do each year for the judicial board members which consists of faculty and also students. It is primarily to keep the board members abreast of current trends and student judicial boards abreast of new policies that have been included in the student code of conduct (handbook). Our Primary purpose is to ensure that student’s rights are not violated as they go through the GSU process and to enforce the code of student conduct for appropriate behavior,” Beverly Crawford said.

The board of judicial affairs consists of twenty members. 10 are students and 10 are faculty representatives. The reps are picked from all over campus. Anyone can apply but there is a criteria. Students who are interested can pick up an application at the Office of Student Judicial Affairs. A student may apply yearly if they like. The application process also entails an interview process.

“(I joined) to get a better understanding of the difference between how the criminal system works and the way the schools judicial system work,” Jaqueline Carrington said.

Having students on the board helps to assist the due process and makes sure that the students rights are not violated. Judicial affairs tries to make the process as fair as possible for a student who is referred to judicial affairs.