Grad school or bust!

Many students geared up as Grambling State University took on Oklahoma State University in a battle that resulted in sour defeat for our G-Men, last weekend. About 30 students with a 3.0 grade point average or higher, prepared for tours of Oklahoma graduate schools, with transportation provided by the Student Government Association.
Juniors and seniors from Grambling State University visited Oklahoma University and Oklahoma State University and inquired about graduate programs of interest to them.

Student Government Association President Steven Jackson wanted to give students an opportunity to explore additional educational options.

Hotel accommodations, a game ticket and transportation cost $35. The beautiful campus of the University of Oklahoma is located in Norman, Okla.

OU students Andrew Walters, Myron Jacobs and Lauren Whitemen offered insight regarding the suburban campus gave Grambling students a tour.

After the tour of Soonerville students sat down with members of OU’s administration and learned about their 160 master’s programs and 75 doctoral programs.

The significance of the GRE, GMAT, and LSAT , and educational fellowships provided at OU were a few topics covered.

” I liked how professional it was. Everyone put themselves into it,” said senior Nicolas Rufyikiri.

After returning from the University of Oklahoma, some students visited the site of April 1995 Oklahoma City bombing.

The following day students visited Oklahoma State University during game day.

Dr. Gordon Emslie, Dean of Graduate Studies extended a warm welcome to Grambling State students. Dr. Emslie not only encouraged students to enroll in graduate school at Oklahoma State University, but also graduate school in general.

“I liked this experience. I am most definitely more interested in grad school now,” said junior Jade Trader.

OSU gave students one on one time with African American students who currently attend OSU’s graduate school.
Before dismissal Grambling students were given handouts and an opportunity to further ask more questions, especially about the application process for OSU.

The student atmosphere at OSU was better than that at OU but I am still going to look toward an urban setting when considering Graduate School, said senior Sannyu Mason.

“It was a chance to see what is out there,” said Shane Ellis “I had a great time.”

The SGA is planning a trip to Alabama Oct. 16. More information can be obtained by visiting their elected officials on the second floor of the Student Union.