Recording artist, S.Gift sat down with The Gramblinite to talk about his most recent project: I shoot the 3 on You.Q: What is your full name?
A: My full name is Sirarminius Demetrius Williams, but many call me “Sir.”

Q: Where are you from?
A: I was born in Alexandria, Louisiana and raised in New Orleans, East and metro area.

Q: What item of clothing best expresses your style of dress?
A: Wife-beaters. I’d wear a wife-beater to church if they’d let me. I’m diverse enough to have donned many different styles of clothes, but I’m a simple white wife-beater and slacks/jeans type of guy.

Q: What are your career goals?
A: My career goal as an artist is to win a Grammy in four different genres of music, but my career goal as a man, is to help my people, through teaching and helping further our existence in the best possible manner.

Q: When did you begin making music?
A: I began making music seriously in 2005, but it’s something I’ve wanted to do my whole life.

Q: What are your inspirations?
A: I gather inspirations from different places. The most significant aspect would be my life in general. God gave me the ability to internalize my pain and use it for good purposes. All forms of music inspire me, including soul, alternative and even classical music.

Q: How would you describe your style of music in two words?
A: Aggressive and intellectual.

Q: I understand that you are an independent artist. Will you ever sign to a label?
A: I’m an unsigned artist, not by force, but by choice. An artist has to know when they are ready for a commitment such as a record deal. Although, it is a step I would like to take in the future, I am currently focusing on developing my group, Axe Gang.

Q: Where did you draw the inspiration for I shoot the 3 on you?
A: I got the inspiration from two things: (1) the perception that southern artists aren’t lyrical, (2) my “round” Roni from home, who came up with the quote “I shoot the 3 on you,” while we were playing video games.

Q: What was your favorite part about composing this mix-tape?
A: My favorite part was the speed I completed it. It’s only a mix-tape, but I was able to give it the energy of an album.

Q: Out of all 14 tracks on the mix-tape, which one would you describe to be your favorite song?
A: My favorite would have to be “Raw,” because that’s how I like to give it to my listeners, straight to the point.

Q: How long did you stay in the studio working on this project?
A: It took a month, creatively.

Q: What inspired the name S.Gift?
A: When I first started flowing I went by “Young Sir,” until I discovered that someone else had the patent on the name. I began to think about who and what I was, and S.Gift was born.

Q: As an artist, would you make any comparison of your music style to any artists past or present?
A: I wouldn’t make a comparison to any artist today, but I would say DMX if anyone.

Q: What do you hope to achieve from this mix-tape?
A: With the decline in originality seen in many of today’s artists, I hope to bring a larger scale of respect for real artistry.

Q: Give me a few reasons why people should listen to this album?
A: It’s 100 percent fact. No false illustrations. True feelings.

Q: Are you working on any new projects?
A: Yes. I am currently working with my artists on my group project.

Q: As a woman, I am always interested in music that I can vibe to. Are there any tracks on the mix-tape you will recommend for the ladies?
A: This is more of an aggressive project, but I did sneak a couple in such as, “End of Me,” which can easily be understood from a woman’s perspective, “Candy” and “I’m Me.” I do have something special for the ladies in the making.

Q: I love good music. The beats and sounds on each track are hot. Do you make your own beats?
A: No. I got production from up and coming New Orleans producer, “B. Focuz” and many others.

Q: In the song, “I’m me” you have a line that says, “you don’t like the fact that I’m me.” What do you have to say to the haters?
A: I don’t acknowledge people who send hate my way, but I am watching them just like they’re watching me.

Q: What can the world expect from S. Gift within the next 5 years?
A: Success.

S. Gift is a junior social studies education major at Grambling State University.