SGA Senate meeting draws little interest

Attendance was beyond disappointing as the Student Government Association held its Senate meeting in the Favrot Student Union last Thursday.Thirteen students sat before the SGA Senate, as opposed to the maximum capacity room that was filled at the previous meeting.
Among the business at hand were the confirmations and appointments of interim officers.

Jenita Blue was named executive treasurer and SGA chief of staff. Other officers named were William Burge, hospitality director; Janaya Scott, IT director; Joshua Ogunyemi, elections commissioner; Antoinette Johnson, transportation director; Bryan Williams, assistant transportation director.

SGA President Steven Jackson spoke to the Senate members about his concerns, accusing some members of “neglecting your responsibility.”

“On your list of priorities, education is first (as always), and the student body is second. Time management needs to be rendered so that the requirements of the Senate members are met.”

Following Jackson’s statement were the committee reports. The Internal Affairs/Judiciary Board reported that several questions would be addressed to GSU President Horace Judson.
In discussion about campus transportation, it was announced that the university hired two licensed drivers, which brings the total to three drivers for the three shuttle buses.

In reference to the “vote of no confidence” proposal in the Judson administration that was raised at the previous meeting, it was reported that the SGA Senate met with Dr. Judson and his cabinet. The SGA members’ intentions were to address all concerns and grievances with Dr. Judson, to provide a solution, and issue him a two-week timeline to rectify all concerns. If the SGA did not see any change within the allotted time period, further action will be taken, said Lamark Hughes.

Next on the agenda was the selection of the class leaders. Those named were: Senior Class, Harrison Thomas; Junior Class, Brittany Williams; and Sophomore Class, Cameron Butler. At the time of the meeting, the Freshman Class was attending convocation and was unable to select a leader.

Lamark Hughes served as presiding officer.