TV Center visits commercial shoot

niversity Television Center were in for an incredible experience as they were allowed to attend a real, movie-style commercial shoot for the El Dorado Casino Resort in Shreveport.
Alan Blakeney, director of the Television Center, arranged for students to work as grips and riggers during the production. The students worked closely with equipment and were directly involved in scene setup.
Students were taught lighting dynamics, camera angles and production as a business. Although the students were not paid for their work the El Dorado provided meals for the entire crew.
Leslie Peck of the El Dorado marketing team was in charge of the project. Chris Blanton of Blanton Productions was the director of the commercial.
“He was very professional and he had no problems answering any questions we had,” said Brooks Turner, a senior mass communication major from San Antonio.
“He taught us a lot as the day went on,” Turner said.
There was a lot of moving between scenes. Each scene had a different set up and required different lighting. Students took notes as they were involved with every set up. There was equipment that was unfamiliar to students and equipment that the GSU Television Center does not have, offering a chance for students to work with new things.”Opportunities like this come up throughout the year for students,” Blakeney said. “I would like to see more students get involved and make themselves known with this business.

“It’s a great opportunity for students to see firsthand what goes into a real shoot – things you cannot get in a classroom,” he said.

The students who attended the commercial shoot at the El Dorado were Bynta Ernest, Frederick Grayson, April Montgomery, Rashanique Ross and Brooks Turner.