Student Government president makes apology to students

First, let me apologize to students for a setback with the shuttle service on campus. I will admit that we have gotten off to a hectic start, but we are working to correct this problem. Secondly, let me recognize the fact that the shuttle system is meant to provide a service to student’s needs. This service was meant to be something that enhances student life on campus.

One of the biggest problems is that freshmen are no longer able to have cars on campus and are relying on the SGA shuttle service as their primary source of transportation. However, it is not the SGA’s responsibility.

It’s the university’s responsibility to provide this service. If you look at most universities that have the “no car” policy, they are located in a city that has a city wide transit system and a cooperative agreement between the city and the university.

What I ask is that you please understand that this shuttle service cannot be viewed as a city bus or a taxi cab. It was never intended to do such and we simply can’t afford it with the minimal fee that is assessed.

We have taken a number of steps to move forward and provide an effective shuttle service for students. We have hired two student workers who will plan and organize this service, instead of sitting around in Grambling Hall all day waiting to be told what to do and how to do it.

The second and most important factor is finding drivers with CDLs, who are willing to work part-time and flexible hours. We are in the process of developing a permanent schedule for the shuttle service.

A brochure is being developed to identify shuttle pick up for on campus and off campus shuttling. Our goal is to have this brochure available to you upon returning from the Labor Day holiday.

If you have any further questions regarding the shuttle service please contact 318-274-2540.