Sigmas host STD seminar

The Xi Chapter of Phi Beta Sigma hosted an STD seminar for freshmen in the lobby of dorm 800 B Wednesday night. About 30 people attended the program. The Sigmas presented students with facts about sexually transmitted diseases, passed out color photos of untreated and diseased genitalia, gave scenarios and prayed with the students.

The program was educational and informative, said chapter president Lamark Hughes.
The discussion was informal and helpful for freshmen, said freshman secondary education student Laneika Crayton, of Gonzales.

The effectiveness of the program was partially because of the safe space created without significantly older people and/or administrators, said Hughes.

“We need someone our age to talk about STDs with each other,” said Hughes. “We can all be on the same level.”

The statistics that the brothers presented “make you not want to have sex,” said Crayton.

The brothers presented information about diseases such as chlamydia, gonorrhea, herpes and “the big Daddy,” HIV.
“They asked more questions than we thought they would,” said senior mass communication student Jeremy Mims of Baton Rouge.

In preparation for the talk with students, Mims came across new information, such as the ability of infected mothers to transfer their disease to infants by breast-feeding.

Trichomoniasis was also news to many students. Symptoms include itchiness at infection site, discharge, genital odor and discomfort during intercourse.

Freshman nursing student Jessica Glass of Dallas said that she had never heard of trichomoniasis.

Sexual health misinformation is rampant, said Mims.

“Come to more seminars,” said Mims. “Just come and get the information.”
Refreshments were served afterward. The brothers of Phi Beta Sigma are planning a school safety seminar as their next campus project.

Students can walk into Foster Johnson Health Center for health promotion, disease prevention and early intervention of illness during normal business hours. If a Grambling State student’s identification card is rendered and valid, nurses and a nurse practitioner will provide assistance.