SGA’s Jackson sets his goals for semester

Student Government Association President Steven Jackson has a lot of goals and expectations set for this school year. Ensuring an efficient transportation system, encouraging students to use all resources around campus, and planning the future with a new wave of technology being added to the campus are just some areas in which he will concentrate.

Now that the Student Transportation System is up and running, we are making sure that it is not abused.

He made it clear that when the university enacted the new policy that freshmen were no longer allowed to bring vehicles on campus, it was then the responsibility of the university to provide transportation to meet the needs of the masses.

“We are still getting some glitches and things straightened out with the Student Transportation System, but for the most part I see things running smoothly with this necessity being added to the campus,” Jackson said.

He expressed an interest in exposing students to the real college experience and cultivating a climate of academic excellence. He believes that students tend to be more lack at historically black universities.
Jackson wants students to support career services, career fairs and graduate school information, which are some resources not being used on campus.

Students need to know the do’s and don’ts of professional dress in a classroom atmosphere as well as in the business world in order to be successful, Jackson said..

The university provides an array of services as well the resources that can be found in the academic departments. Jackson urged students to take the initiative and use the tools being placed out there. He noted that the information is waiting and ready to be taken hold of.

Having pride in the campus was also something he talked about, because the trash on campus is “ridiculous,” he said.

“Even if you didn’t put it down there, you should still feel compelled to pick it up and throw it away in the nearest trash can,” Jackson said.

He pointed out that how the campus looks is a direct reflection on how some people will view the school; so if it is always in disarray people won’t be attracted to the campus.

In fact, that would drive potential students, alumni and visitors away, he said, just because of the outward appearance of the campus.

“So if there is trash outside, be a leader and pick it up and throw it away,” Jackson said. “It has to start somewhere. So be the one to take the first step by helping keep the campus clean.”

The common goal he wants students to remember is education.

Students come to college to receive the best education possible to prepare them for the future and that should be the top priority, he said.

“Of course we want students to have an enjoyable time as well. Smile, relax, and have school spirit.

“We just can’t forget that we came to college to prepare us for the rest of our lives,” Jackson said.

Under his administration Jackson wants to be able to bring back the Leadership Institute conference, where alumni who have been successful in their careers, come back to the university and speak to the students on campus about their experiences and give insight as well.

“My vision is to have a brand new library, Smart Boards and advanced technology in the classrooms,” Jackson said.

Thinking outside the box, and not doing what we have always done is what he plans on doing through his time in office, he said.