A deeper look at Henry White’s passing

Henry White’s funeral service is scheduled for Friday at 10 a.m. at Christian Faith Fellowship Church. White is survived by his one-year-old son, Gavin White and mother Natile White, both of Milwaukee Wis. The Student Government Association and spiritual community plan to present a candle lit vigil in memory of White. The date is to be announced.

An official report specifying the circumstances surrounding White’s death has not been released.

An SGA statement cited heat stroke as a cause of death.

White arrived at GSU on August 10 and was hospitalized August 14. The university released a statement saying they’re investigating the “circumstances that may have contributed to White’s death”.

News station, WISN of Milwaukee, stated that school officials said he was running with team members and a coach. White collapsed after running four miles in extreme heat, officials said. Two other players also collapsed, according to the hometown news station.

White’s family attorney said the players should not have been made to run in such high heat and White’s death could have been avoided.

“It is my understanding that there wasn’t water, the coaches did not have water, the young men could not stop and drink. In my mind, under the worse case scenario, Grambling staff is guilty of negligence for civil liability. Under worse case scenario, negligent homicide. My statement speaks for itself,” family attorney Larry English stated.

He also told the Gramblinite that the reported medical cause of death was environmental hypothermia.

“His mom and I just dropped him off in Grambling… He was so excited about this year and had so many goals in store. He was not only my role model, but the role model of many kids back home. We are in shock and denial right now,” said childhood friend Laron Burnett

“The coaches were very supportive and were at the hospital with us. The only thing I can say negative is that the university could have done a better job of assisting us.

“Coach Duckett paid for the first two nights at the Clairmont hotel, then Henry’s mom and local home churches paid for the rest,” Burnett said.

Calls made to the GSU athletic department have not been returned..

If anyone is interested in sending donations or flower arrangements, please send them to Christian Faith Fellowship Church, 8633 West Good Hope Rd. Milwaukee Wisconsin, 53224. Telephone number 414-760-2332.