Newcomers get encouragement about life

Many Grambling State University newcomers are skeptical. Most pray nothing bad comes their way.

A few worry about peers and roommate compatibility. Some ponder parties and Greek life. Others hope to find positive organizations to join.

Shelton Berry, president of Campus Ministry, gave some advice for the incoming freshman.

“Freshmen should focus on their class work, and stay busy in Campus Ministry.”

Berry, a brother of the Pershing Rifles, talked about the pledging process.

“Don’t think about pledging and keep partying to a minimum,” he said.
Berry’s last bit of advice was, “Do God’s work.”

Campus minister, Rev. Connie Breaux said,
“Freshman shouldn’t pledge yet.”

“I didn’t pledge Delta Sigma Theta until I entered Master school,” Breaux said.

In addition to Berry’s and Breaux’s, my advice for freshman is to watch the upperclassmen.

Those are the ones that have been where you are and are close to graduation, you should look to see how serious they are.

Take mental notes on what you like and don’t like about the things you see and speak up on the issues that you don’t like. Learn your school’s terrain to feel safer.
Breaux’s last piece of advice is “don’t be a hypocrite.”

I also have some advice for the freshmen.
Be aware of gossipmongers because they can and will try to bring you down to their level.

Give your professors your all. Thank them at the end of the semester for their services. You will probably be surprised by their reactions and will most likely get a better grade.

Let your professors know your weaknesses and strengths to guarantee your success in the class.

Even if you aren’t the best student in the world, stay encouraged, stay disciplined, stay in the word of God and continue talking to God to be successful.