Local talent hits the big time

Steve “CA$H” Morgan, a 22-year-old native of `Grambling, breaks into the music industry by signing a contract with RCA/ Jive Records. He becomes the first rapper in Grambling’s history to sign with a major record label. Jive Records is a major label that produced music for some of the biggest names in hip hop.

He shares the label with artists like UGK, Ciara, Chris Brown, T-Pain, and other household names. Ca$h’s break in the music industry underlines what he has been doing since day one. The rapper got his start right here in Grambling, building his empire and fan base by dropping classics like “That’s My Jam” and “Put Tha Camera On Me.” Since then, Ca$h has been on the grind in the studio knocking out tracks and freestyles with his versatile lyrics.

As an independent artist, he promoted himself to stardom by hitting the streets with new music, mixtape after mixtape, and his career began to take off.

After successfully taking over the local underground rap circuit, it was time for him to become a major artist. His talent on the microphone was too big to keep him local.

Ca$h teamed up with Shreveport’s Hollyhood Bay Bay, DJ Star, GO DJ’s, and the Hustle Squad DJ’s along the Louisiana-Texas chain elevated his smash single “Walk Wit’ A Dip,” which is in heavy rotation clubs, parties, mix tapes, nationwide.

The song hit the airways and topped the Billboards late this summer.

This song was produced by Houston’s own Jay Classik, CEO of ISG Entertainment, who worked with Ca$h and he attributedto his success. It was a song with a catchy hook and an up-tempo beat. At first it was strictly a mix tape song, but it hit the clubs and people loved to dance to it.

The “Walk Wit’ A Dip” madness didn’t stop there. The song was so hot that it fell into the hands of super video director Mr. Boomtown, who has done videos for every big name rapper and singer in hip hop.

Ca$h officially shot his first video “Walk Wit’ A Dip” in Dallas featured his family, friends and celebs. This recognition and success earned him a spot in popular urban publication called “Ozone Magazine.”

Ca$h is working on a series of mix tapes that are set to drop real soon. Check him out on his MySpace page, myspace.com/cashthenext, or at twitter.com/ca$hthenext.