Student tasered after scuffle with officer

Posted: July 18 at 1:50 a.m.
UPDATED: 2:15 a.m.According to several reports, the campus was “locked down” after a fight occurred on campus. However, the GSUPD told The Gramblinite the campus was not locked down.

According to various reports, a fight broke out on campus. Afterward, a scuffle between a student and GSUPD officer Freddie Peterson allegedly ensued, according to a student.

The student gave a clearer picture of what happened.

“A dude was spitting from the third floor in (Tiger Village) 800A,” explained the student, who did not want to be identified. “Another young man asked him to stop, because it was girls sitting out there and it was disrespectful.”

According to the student, the freshman was intoxicated. After walking down from the third floor, he got into a fight with the student who asked him to stop spitting.

“(Peterson) was just doing his rounds and walked up on them fighting,” the student continued. After breaking up the fight, Peterson asked the freshman to calm down, according to the student.

“(He) didn’t want to calm down, so (Peterson) got his taser out and told the boy to go to his room. He gave the boy fair warnings, but the dude didn’t want hear that.

“So (Peterson) tasered him for the longest, because he wouldn’t stay on the ground.”

During the commotion, the other student ran off, according to the student. After this, the freshman knocked Peterson to the ground.

“(Peterson) fell, but when (he) got up, he shot (the freshman) with that taser gun,” the student wrote via Facebook. “(The freshman) fell down and didn’t move anymore.”

After this incident, more GSUPD officers showed up and ordered students to their room, the student said.

There were also reports of rooms being broken into, but it was unclear if that was related to the earlier scuffles.

The Gramblinite will try to have more on this story as soon as possible.