Sapp celebrates his anniversary at Pleasant Grove

The Pleasant Grove Baptist Church members took the time to show appreciation to their pastor, Reverend Kenneth Sapp and his wife. The Sapps were quite pleased when presented with a beautiful service on Sunday. June 7 marked 15 years that Rev. Sapp has served as pastor at Pleasant Grove located in Ruston.

Starting his membership as the church musician, Sapp was destined to do great things at this loving and open congregation. He knew early on that he wanted to become a preacher.

“When the Lord called on my life, I always knew it would happen someday, but I never thought it would happen so soon,” said Sapp.

Sapp is a native of Arcadia, but he is also a descent of one of Grambling’s oldest families.

His first sermon occurred at Pleasant Grove Baptist Church in Dubberly. He later returned to Pleasant Grove in Ruston after the then-pastor passed on.

The service started with the welcoming of the visiting church Pilgrim Rest, which was the second church Sapp ministered. Sapp felt as if one of the highlights of the service was having one of the churches where he ministered to come out and celebrate with him and his church family.

“To reunite with members that I have baptized and see friends and family again, it truly felt like one big reunion,” explained Sapp.

Sapp mentioned that he really felt the meaning of Pleasant Grove’s motto Sunday being around so many love ones.

It is, “Real people gather at a real place to meet a real Savior who can bring about real change,” a real spiritual encouragement said Sapp.

There were many different dedications and reflections on the years past with Sapp at the church’s helm. Everyone showed gratitude and love towards the family.

Ending the service was a song done by one of Pleasant Grove’s fellow members.