Pre-Freshman Academy draws students to science

The Center for the Mathematical Achievement in Science and Technology Pre-Freshman Academy will begin on Sunday, and run through Friday, June 26. The academy has been around since the summer of 2006.The purpose of the two week academy is to increase the mathematics literacy and proficiency of the participating students.

“To be eligible for the academy a participant must be admitted to Grambling State University for the fall semester, and plan to major in the science or mathematics field,” said RaShon Carruthers, project director.

The participant must also be a United States citizen. The session is available to 50 applicants but only 36 has been accepted because it is to close to the day of camp, Carruthers said.

Grambling State University will give the participants complimentary on campus housing during the session with meals, a $400 stipend and a $500 textbook award.

The participating students will engage in the manipulation of mathematical concepts and methods for solving problems that are often encountered in science, technology, engineering, or mathematics (STEM) area. The students will also interpret algebraic concepts and use the concepts to analyze data obtained in a science laboratory setting.

For further information on the Pre-Freshman academy you may contact Carruthers at 318-274-2340 or by e-mail carruthersr@gram.edu.