Intramural Center offers activities for students, staff

If you are looking for something to do after classes, consider the Intramural Center. The Grambling State University Intramural Center has some activities to keep students busy during summer school. When students have nothing to do they go to the Intramural center for activities such as basketball, racquetball, aerobics, track and lifting weights.

Coach Rex Tippett, director said, “I believe they should have more activities for the students in summer school because most of the student become bored and need more to do. Since they have the other half of the court close for registrations they only have one court for all these activities with aerobics and basketball on the same court it have to be shared.

“The Intramural Center is also trying to get a pool put in the center which is needed for the students to beat the summer heat and take a break from the sun,” said Coach Tippet.

The center is open for students from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. Most students go to the intramural to play basketball, lift weights and aerobics. Aerobics starts at 5 p.m. and ends at 6 p.m.

The university staff have no hours for the summer, but they can come in as regular students do. As for the other side of the court the director, Coach Tippet had this to say.

“The reason the other side of the court is covered is because the administration is getting ready for registration,” Tippet said

Lawanda Sowell, a freshman from Houston, said “I go to the Intramural Center often to play basketball, lift weights, and do aerobics.”

Several other male students said they go to the Intramural Center to play basketball and lift weights.

“I go to the center to lift weights and sometimes play basketball,” said Dominick Williams, a junior from New York.

“I don’t go to the Intramural Center at all because they staff be tripping,” said Phillip Duckett Junior from South Carolina.

David Redmon, a freshman from Baton Rouge said, “I go to the Intramural Center sometime to play basketball and lift weights.