Grambling Middle School triumphs

Sharon Armstrong was the speaker for graduation ceremonies at Grambling Middle Magnet School. One of her first quotes was, “Dreams may fade, eagles may soar, but shining stars shine forever.” She spoke on her belief in God and dreams. Dreams push your reality to uncommon heights. She warned the graduates of people that they will encounter in their life that will try to kill their dreams, but encouraged them to be strong and believe in themselves.

Armstrong also told them to cherish the people who influence their lives, believe in them, and help mold them into who they may become later in life.

This year brought many firsts for GMMS: there were a new dance line, basketball team and ballroom dancing group formed on the campus. All of these new groups were successful on campus and the students who participated were awarded with certificates and trophies.

Remarkably, the LEAP test was passed by all of the eighth graders this year. The biggest congratulations went to Breyonna Morgan, who received a perfect score on the math portion of the test. This is the second consecutive year that the school’s students have all passed the test.

This year, Alexa Robinson held highest honor, while Morgan came in second. Six students graduated with honors: TraKeivance Grider, Reagan Higgins, Breyonna Morgan, Michael Reed, Alexa Robinson and Brittany Rollins.

The graduating class officers were president- Nicholas Stringfellow, vice president- Brittany Rollins, secretary- JaTauria Dean, treasurer- Breyonna Morgan and Miss GMMS- Alexa Robinson. Although the students had a very successful year, it was time to pass the torch so the legacy could continue . Nicholas Stringfellow passed the torch to Lauralee Sylvain.

Awards were given to the students for Most Improved Student, Certificate of achievement, Reading, English, Algebra, Science, Louisiana History, Art, Band, Honor Roll and Citizenship.

Other extra curricular activity awards were given for the 4-H Club, Dance Line, Top Accelerated Reader and Taylor Scholars Awards Program.

The 4-H Club has done much hard work around the GSU campus as well as regionally. Gary Dupree works closely with the program. For the past four years GMMS has had the best 4-H in the region. In fact, this summer, GMMS will work on a community project that will help to restore the green house on GSU’s campus. Patsy Williams was given with Best Leader award.

One of the graduates, Reagan Higgins, wanted to give her last remarks to the graduating class, stating, “I would like to thank and congratulate the 2009 class of GMMS. I know we have had a wonderful year, and I hope we continue to shine.”

The class motto was “Tomorrow’s Shining Stars.