GMMS exceeds state LEAP expectations

One hundred percent of the eighth graders who took the Spring 2009 LEAP tests at Grambling State University Middle School met the standards necessary for promotion to ninth grade.The students also surpassed the state average in 20 of 21 of the LEAP standard categories.

– Eighth-graders at GSU Middle scored an average of 72 percent on the English language arts portion of the LEAP test (compared with 64 percent for the state average and 65 percent for Lincoln Parish);

– Passed the math portion of the test with an average score of 76 percent (compared with 63 percent for the state average and 60 percent for Lincoln Parish);

– Scored an average of 58 percent on the science portion of the test (compared with 55 percent of the state average and 57 percent for Lincoln Parish);

– Surpassed the state and Lincoln Parish average of 61 percent with 62 percent on the social studies portion.

The eighth grade faculty members are Gwendolyn Douglas, Senchal Gasaway, Cathy Holmes, Gloria Moore and Patsy Williams.