Quest flexes arts muscle

The artists of Lyrical Quest have been busy, busy, busy recreating and exhibiting their talents this semester. The group, which has only been in existence a little better than a year, has made its name known in a variety of settings.

The Quest began as an underground, indie art scene until it solidified its journey by becoming an organization.

Unlike groups of the past, documentation kept the Quest at the forefront of a niche audience’s mind with several on-campus gatherings.

The performance veterans hosted an audition last fall to select the cream of the university crop. Since accumulating new voices and honing the crafts of the older ones, Quest life became everything but sedentary.

This semester the Quest competed in a poetry slam and worked with the Theatre department.

The troupe sang and spit poetry for the English department’s English Day picnic before hopping on the road the same day to perform collaborating with POE (Putting Out Expressive) poets of Southeastern University last week.

The show was well received by students and local people of Hammond.

The Quest also hosted a First Friday showcase at Thousand Words Photography in Ruston Friday night. Their best-of compilation show created a buzz in the downtown area, as local shop owners made inquiries about working with the group in the future.

They were then featured in yet another hit show at Studio 101 in Monroe Saturday.

Before traveling as frequently as they have this semester, the Quest built a reputation in the Northern Louisiana area for hosting weekly open mics and showcases, encouraging the student body and faculty to participate.

Though they struggled to find a consistent campus venue they managed to pull off several shows. Many were standing room only.

Individuals who would otherwise only share their ideas on networking sites, shared their innermost thoughts with an audience.

The artists look forward to working on group and solo endeavors in the future.

Original Quest member Juliuna Mitchell recently released a poetry CD.