NABA hosts end-of-year banquet

The National Association of Black Accountants’ celebrates their student’s chapter by hosting their first annual banquet on Thursday in the Black and Gold room. With semi-formal wear being the only requirement for the occasion, the members of NABA relaxed and enjoyed presentations from their fellow peers from the GSU chapter. The banquet consisted of award presentations, musical entertainment and special addresses to the students.
Being an elite collection of intelligent and aspiring accountants NABA has been an innovative and has played an intricate part in various students’ lives. Senior Kate Kabahuma is a witness of this indication.

“NABA has been a place where I have grown and learn; only in this group I have had any experience,” she said. This organization has not only been instrumental on campus but has demanded much involvement from its active members.

Being an accounting major; students who are active in NABA has obtained opportunities beyond their college career. “Personally NABA has opened many doors by giving me the opportunities to working with other students and I’ve been hired at a well known accounting firm after graduation,” Kabahuma said. Lifting As We Climb has been the standing motto for this organization and every action that these members take are based on this belief.

These students have learned how to be hands on with their major and they know the basis of having the ability to work with others on a mastered level.

The members of NABA strongly encourage other accounting majors to become involved with their memorable organization. “Once students join NABA, all will know they will have a deeper contact in their field,” she said.