Longtime staff member embarking on new journey

So, it’s that time again. I sat here for about an hour or so, trying to figure out what to say and how to say it. I figure, why not write from the heart? I’ve done that since I arrived at GSU, so I’ll end my collegiate tenure by doing so.It’s been six years since I first arrived at GSU. In six years, I’ve earned two degrees, starting with my bachelor’s degree in 2007 and ending with my master’s this semester. It’s been a long hard road, but I finally made it. But, I couldn’t have made it without some help along the way.

As you know, I have to give the most props to God. God has helped me in so many ways it’s ridiculous. I remember being down and out, thinking I wasn’t going to survive, and God showed me a light in a pitch-black corridor.

One thing I can say is that I was never a party animal in college. Some people called me lame for never going out to party. I liked that. I never understood the purpose of going to a club to get shot at or swung on. Or maybe I just went to the wrong places.

Regardless, I don’t want to change anything about my collegiate career. I’ve had my heart broken more times than crash dummy for Goodyear. But it’s all good. I learned how to deal with my issues, and for that I’m grateful.

There are many stories that can come out of my collegiate career, as I’m sure with every other graduate. When I first got to GSU, I didn’t know how to deal with my freedom and it showed through my immaturity. I used to cuss a lot, play the PS2 all the time (I still went to class), and drop rhymes about having bling and cash.

Then, I matured. I’ve given up the harsh tongue, made my rhymes more about real things (but I hardly ever rap anymore), and focused more on my craft that was photography.

Through my years of matriculation, photography became my niche. I was known as “The Guy With The Camera,” and that nickname won me two SGA elections. I was elected Sophomore Class Senator and Junior Class President using that nickname. I was also a Freshman Class Senator.

My time in the SGA was pretty cool, as we voted on several important proposals. One of those proposals was to move the Bookstore to its current location, giving the Tiger Xpress more room to operate. We also were very proactive for many of the current improvements that you see on campus today, including the wireless Internet and the expanded cable channels.

After my junior year, I focused more on The Gramblinite. It is here where I think the biggest footprint of my legacy will be left. With a combination of my talents and the hard work and dedication of the staff and their talents, we were able to capture numerous awards, cementing us as one of the best collegiate papers in the nation. We put a lot of time and effort into everything we do and have done. It’s just what we do.

I can proudly say that even as I’m leaving, the legacy of The Gramblinite will continue to thrive. The new website will be uploaded this summer. We wanted to have it ready by the end of this semester, but there are a lot of new elements that we have to learn. Hopefully, Soundslides and more video content will be added. We’ll see what happens, but please feel free to suggest story ideas and content ideas to gniteeditor@yahoo.com.

But saying goodbye is pretty hard to do. I hate saying goodbye, farewell, and all the other words that are associated with it. But what I do love about “goodbyes” is that it leads to a new beginning. So often, we get stuck in saying “goodbye” that we never realize the negative we are leaving behind.

For once in my life, I can finally tell the users and abusers, “No” and have no regret or remorse. A lot of you have been pestering me since TigerFest ended about my pictures. None of you are paying for my pictures, but you are QUICK to demand something from me. Please get a life, take your own pictures, shoot yourself, or all of the above.

There have been numerous people who have spread rumors about me, so let me clear these up for the last time. No, I do not have a baby momma that got ran through the Kappas. No, I do not have a baby momma. Yes, I haven’t had sex since November 2006. Of course, there are numerous of other rumors, but please feel free to ask me about them if you want.

For aspiring photographers or journalists, I want to leave you with one piece of advice: be original. Don’t copy someone’s work or try to be like someone. You should always aspire to be better than the person you admire the most. Learn from them, but do not copy them. That’s the worst mistake you can make, because you won’t have your own flair to your style.

As May 16 approaches, I have no idea what the future holds for me. I’m contemplating going into business for myself, as the job market looks worse than the boob job on New York. For those of you asking, the business will mainly focus on photography, but I’m also looking to venture into the fashion world, as I have a ton of designs sitting in my head, fighting to get out.

While I may be jobless, I have the talent to start my own business and the drive to make it successful. I was salty at being turned down by some people, but it’s all good. I’ve gotten over that and know that God will lead me out of this storm.

For those of you who are at Grambling, please do something with your lives. I don’t mean go out and have a 30-man brawl in front of the caf on a Tour Day. But, get active in the SGA and Student Union. They are always looking for help. Get active in your major. Do SOMETHING besides smoke weed, play video games, have sex, skip class, etc. It’s time for us to be positive and stop being lame.

Hopefully, GSU will still be a place I will be proud of as long as I live. God bless us all.