I am a reality TV junkie

My besties are. I am too. Gladly, VH1, MTV, and Bravo give us no shortage of our scantily clad, potty-mouthed characters. We even sympathize and laugh at and with them. It’s terrible. But I’m sure we are not the only ones.

If you join us on our TV sessions, drinking in juicy updates from our favorite money-hungry, horny personalities, numerous debates will ensue.

Who thinks that “It” was only pretending to be dumb, and he just might’ve won the $250,000?

Who thinks that “Saaphyri” learned nothing from Charm School because she’s back to her dirty ways and dirty weaves?

Who thinks that “Danger” is psychotic, but might just be one of our guiltiest pleasures?

Who thinks that “Chardonnay” should have won Ray J’s heart?

And do you REALLY think the dreaded ‘friend status’ was the real deal or she bore a stark resemblance to your ‘throw-back’ homie “Sha-nay-nay”?

If you think like me, then you will agree that if “Heidi” really wanted to leave “Spencer” she would have already left him. Whitney should have just stayed on The Hills. The City doesn’t cut it. Who thinks Audrina is the prettiest, yet the dumbest?

Wait a minute! What is The Hills really about?

There’s no plot, the characters are all shallow and perform mundane activities like sipping on caramel macchiattos and going to their ‘pretend jobs’ in the fashion industry.

Yet, I can’t help myself and I tune in EVERYDAY for repeat of episodes that I’ve seen, how many times? Yes, I am a reality TV junkie. I admit. And so are you, if you’ve read this far in this article.

I know some of you are reluctant to admit that you have fallen prey to the reality TV fad that has swept the nation. However, if you have put off an assignment or ditched a study group to watch the new episode of I Love Money 2, or can’t wait for New York Goes To Work, then yeah, you are an addict.

A possible reason for the reality television craze that has bloomed in network television is its appeal to younger viewers. Young adults can either relate to these real characters or be entertained by them.

Shows like For The Love of Ray J, Rock of Love and Daisy of Love focus on finding the ideal mate (however destructive it turns out to be), and shows such as The Duel 2 and I Love Money 2 are competitive shows which always entertain. People fighting physically and emotionally for monetary gain brings out the raw, guttural best in one’s character.

Mmm . television at its best! Or would it be reality at its best!