Class Officer looks back on GSU years

I, Staci A. Hall, would like to first off say thank you to God for the wonderful things he has done in my life.To My HRM Club: Family, we are a family and keep your heads high. To all the long nights and days catering events and all the NSMH trips I am going to miss you all. We have done a lot of work but have more to do, don’t let them take it away. Thank you to the HRM faulty you all have made a huge impact in my life and know that we the students appreciate you even through the ups and downs.

To SGA: It has been a long three years from volunteer, Cabinet, to Senior Class Vice President. Best of luck to the new officers.

To My PBL Family: I love and am going to miss you guys so much, I grew up in PBL and I am forever grateful to this organization, it helped mold me into who I am today. I pray you have prosperity as an organization and as individuals, continue to be the premier and elite organization that you are, professionals that strive for Service, Education and Process.

Alpha Tau: “The Best Thing Since Resume Paper.”

To The Beautiful And Talented Ladies Of The HZ Chapter Of S.A.I: Thank you for being a sisterhood like no other! I Love each and every one of you. Keep wonderful music alive and uses your God given talents.

To: SPR.07 I love you guys!

To DBW: I hope you have great success a strong sisterhood, and ask that you continue to serve the community and be a blessing to others. Remember to embrace one another and make sure that you let people know that they are appreciated and that every contribution counts. FALL “06” 92 L.A.D.I.E.S. of Virtues.

To Jennifer B. Wilson: My very best friend in the whole wide world! Not my school friend lol. We have been through so much, you are truly my sister, my Line sister X2. Thanks for all the laughs all the tears (from laughing) and for getting on my nerves. God has something truly special for your life and I know that you will be blessed. (oh oh yea yea) lol. Since Fall “05” in the summer heat when the Café was in the Woman’s gym, the huge industrial fans. I am going to miss you so much. I give thanks for everything and being who you are and accepting me for who I am. Here is to Future trips to Seattle and Chicago!

Thank you to Grambling State University for teaching me persistence and affording me the opportunity to meet some wonderful people that each have a special place in my heart.

To everyone at Grambling State University I hope that you all succeed and do great things in life. Class of 2009 WE DID IT! God Bless.