B-Solo gives thanks

Who better to get the party started than the hype man and host Brandon Scruggs, a.k.a. B-Solo? He has been working in the entertainment field for two years now. Although now dedicating his life to his entertainment career, he once attended GSU. He was on his way to becoming a mastermind in the music field and possibly a band director, but his love for the stage began to consume his life. So instead of failing he decided to put his college life on hold.

Luckily for him he made a good decision. He has traveled to numerous states and with the help of Choice Privileges, he has been kept in comfortable housing.

Seeing as though the entertainment business is not very easy to get into, you have to have something that sets you apart from thousands of other entertainers “trying to make it.” When asked what sets him apart from his competitors, he laughed whole heartedly and answered, “. I’m ignant. whatever comes to mind first is what I’m going to say.”

For the people who want to know where B-Solo came from, not to my surprise it’s right here in Louisiana. His family resides in the quiet town of Arcadia. He comes from a religious background. His mother, father, and brother have a calling to be in the church. He is the head musician at his church and he’s younger than his brother, who’s a pastor; his mom is an assistant pastor and his father is a deacon. When he’s not on the road, he is always trying to go back home to be with his family. “Home is always home. Home is where the heart is,” he says.

Grambling always has a job for him at GSU. He said that he loves the students because they speak the truth. If an act sucks they’re going to make it known. They will tell you whatever is on your mind.

He respects Grambling and the students because they have always supported him. “Now I walk around on the yard and everybody speaks. I appreciate all students, all staff, and all faculty.”

During his time spent at Grambling he has grown to have admiration for Terry Lilly and David Ponton, he gives his many thanks.

His thanks also go out to his mom, dad and brother for being there 100 percent; C.O.G.I.C.; DJ Star, DJ Phat and DJ Big Daddy; Hollyhood Bay Bay; Jimmy Ray; Kevin Sne’; Lorinzo; Ms. Nikole Roebuck.

Last but not least, “[I give special thanks] To my homeboy, brother, my best man when I get married, BJ Beats, for sticking with me from the bottom to the top.