An author recalls his life, struggles and achievements

Experience the true story about triumphing over adversity recalled by Tommy L. Johnson. Travel the roads of Johnson’s life which was never easy or simple.Tommy L. Johnson’s journey began when he wrote his high school song, poem and motto in 1972. This journey includes his following achievements: the publication of My Book of Poems in 1996, appearing in varied media and shows, and more.

Johnson grew up in an environment dominated by poverty and hardship. Aside from that, he and his family were often misunderstood and underestimated by others. With the help of God, he became an achiever and silenced those who looked down at him.

This is the enduring true story that awaits readers in the new book From the Hornet’s Nest: to the Eagle’s Nest, Johnson’s book released through Xlibris. “From the Hornet’s Nest” takes a long look back at Johnson’s life and the times he spent with his family as well as all the struggles and trials he went through.

Readers will realize how hard life was for him and how the family values he carried helped him survive beyond expectations. In addition to recalling the past, the narrative also highlights a warning as it describes, in detail, how men and women use power and inhumanity to stifle and curse the human soul.

Often misjudged, cheated and misunderstood, the author kept faith in God not only to keep moving forward but also making many unforgettable achievements along the way. Ultimately, this book will inspire people not only to strive for progress, but also to reflect and check how they should look at other people.

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