Southern graduate publishes youth novella

It is rare to find a college graduate working within her field in the current economic and employment atmosphere. Yet that is exactly the position Southern alumna Brandi Worley has found herself.Worley graduated from Southern in 2006 with a bachelor of arts degree in print journalism and in 2007 with a master of arts degree in public relations.

She is also a former award-wining reporter and sports editor for the Southern Digest and a Black College Wire contributor.

The Louisiana native has recently written her first book, part of a novella series titled Crumb Snatchers, Part I.

The author said she gained inspiration to write the book after a summer trip to Africa in 2008. When she returned, Worley said she “figured.it was the right time to do it. The trip motivated me to do a lot.”

She also says she got the idea to make Miley, her heroine, face several challenges throughout the three-part series as J.K. Rowling chronicled the seven-year magical education of fictional character Harry Potter, in her series.

Crumb Snatchers is the 25-year-old’s first foray into her chosen genre of youth fiction, and is told from the perspective of twelve-year old Miley, a Louisiana child who suffers the growing pains of a typical child, yet remains “different” from her peers.

“Miley isn’t your typical 12-year-old,” Worley said. “She’s still interested in toys and isn’t in a hurry to grow up.”

The ambitious writer choose to write fiction because, she jokes, “There’s too many facts in the world today.” She admits, however, that her book, while mostly fictitious, is, “loosely based,” on events in her life.

In addition to promoting her book, Worley writes for On Wax magazine.

Worley only took a year to write her book, another rarity within the literary world, especially for a novice writer. As a self publisher, she used lulu.com to write her book, written in first person, as told by Miley. After going through three edits from her friends, Worley submitted her book to be published. The official “drop” date was April 21. It is available on Amazon.com, Google.com and Worley’s Web site, www.brandiworley.com.

Worley says her book will also be “sold out of the trunk of my car,” as many of her urban fiction writer predecessors.