Research club represents at Atlanta conference

Members of Grambling State University’s Social Research Club, Pi Gamma Mu International Honor Society presented Intergenerational and International Panel on the Significance of the 2009 Inauguration at the Association for Gerontology and Human Development (AGHD) conference in Atlanta. The meeting and educational conference was held during the month of March.The GSU club addressed the challenges of Aging: African Americans in the 21st Century.

In the presentation the Grambling students reflected on the inauguration and the impact it had on not only elderly but also on the youth of today’s world.

They touched an important fact as this being the only election were African Americans ages 21-28 voted in large masses than any other election in United States history. Their presentation also shed light to the elderly that the youth of today are in fact aware of the contribution they must make to keep the African American generation alive.

GSU’s Social Research Club was represented in the “kiddie” (Youth Division) by nine year old Richard Grant, who gave a presentation created for a Black history project. Grant stood before a conference room of adults ranging from ages 18 to 85 and presented competently his information of the three oldest siblings in Louisiana, who happened to be his great great aunts.

The students learned of some of the more common but less highlighted diseases in African Americans such as Peripheral Arterial Disease (PAD) and Peripheral Veinicular Disease (PVD), heart failure and early detection of siblings of Alzheimer.

GSU was represented at the annual AGHD conference by approximately 22. The students were under the guidance of Dr. Frances Staten, club advisor, Dr. Russell Willis and Dr. Grace Tatum, GSU faculty members.