New pep and steps

“GO TIGERS! GO!”The 2009-2010 Cheerleading squad tryouts took place in the men’s gym Sunday afternoon.

Eager, anxious, and nervous participants sat as they waited for their numbers to be called for a chance to step up to the plate.

Dressed in white sports bras (or T-shirts for males) and black bottoms they would tried out in pairs or groups of three. For those who did not wish to or could not tryout in living color could send in a video of themselves. However, the requirements were the same.

Requirements included running, tumbling, jumps, a standing tumbling minimum of a back handspring, a dance routine and two optional stunts.

Partakers were to also show “spirit” and a collegiate image of cheerleading.

Workshops were given opportunities to become acquainted with the flips, jumps, and dance, Monday through Friday 5:30 to 8 p.m.

Alongside walk-on hopefuls, the current cheerleaders, or “vets” were to audition as well. This was to show if skills have been lost, room for improvement, or altogether removal of the team.

“You can easily lose your place if you don’t show up and show out,” says Steven Lowrey, a returning cheerleader.

Of the 60 female and male cheerleaders all but five to 10 did not wish to participate in the tryouts. Reasons being: graduation, relocation, or other scholarly duties that have more demanding than cheering. No one walked off the team.

This year more present members were revalidated for the upcoming year than last year.

Fortunately some 2007-08 participants that did not make the cut for the 08-09 year did succeed this year.

There was a panel of three judges, one being Cheerleading coach (and Olympic Gold Medalist) Terry Lilly.

Points were to be given to the participants for the techniques that were to be showcased. Despite the fact that there was a minimum amount of points to be accumulated to make the team overrides could be made by Lilly.

As his cheerleaders say, “Terry Lilly has the last word!”

Though the people who tried out in person have received their results, others that sent in tapes may not. Many tapes were sent in and are still being reviewed.

The 2009-2010 Cheerleading Team is full of talent, fun, and enthusiasm; and, are proud to cheer on those who are proud to cheer on those who wear the mighty Gold and Black.