Harmon administration’s list of accomplishments

Extended Library and Computer Lab hours during the week of finals Persuaded over 1,500 students to register to vote for the 2008 Presidential Race

Provided transportation for students who needed to get to the voting polls.

Maintain a weekly section in the Gramblinite, providing the student body with information dealing with the SGA.

Sponsored a trip to the 44th Presidential Inauguration in Washington

Funded and approved the Building of the Theatre in the Atrium.

Funded and approved building of the Game Room in Tiger Express

Purchased three buses and started the On Campus Transportation System

Purchased Golf Carts that will take students to there destination across campus for security purposes.

Approved the Student Technology budget that will purchase surveillance cameras to monitor the entire campus, Wireless internet in all dorm rooms by Summer 09, Blue light emergency system placed in random areas of the campus.

Purchased 42 inch monitors that will be placed in JTS, Tiger Express, and in the Union and will display all upcoming events.

Held Leadership Convention to strengthen to leadership capabilities of the SGA Officers

Created the Inaugural Ball as an event along with the FSUB/SGA Banquet.

Develop a strong working relationship with the Administration and the Student Body.

Successfully completed and implemented the platform of “Unity,” uniting all students together as Grambling students and bridging the gap between American and International students.

Represented the Council of Student Body Presidents in the position of Vice-Chair with debating on issues such as text book costs, researching usage of fees, tuition increases, students allowed to have guns on campus, and the budget cuts.

Hosted a “Making GSU Better” Forum to get ideas for Change.

Approved the additional television screens in Tiger Express

Established Charles P. Adams Park as a student area. Organizations are allowed to have picnics, parties, and socials there and it is available to the student body.

Provided Gaming entertainment at the Basketball Game

Provided a Watch Party for Obama’s Nomination Acceptance, the Presidential Elections, and the Inauguration.

Hosted four General Assemblies and two town hall meetings in which information was provided to the students.

Started a Facebook Group to assist publication of SGA events.

Received two awards from the Black and Gold Foundation

Provided seminars and rallies for the Presidential Campaign

Sponsored the Texas Southern Basketball Game

Began preparation to begin a Mentoring Program with junior high and high school students.

Constructed SGA Week.

Hosted Annual Crawfish Boil

Hosted Annual Big Event

Donated funds to several organizations

Designed an internship program for people seeking office with SGA.

Senior Class officers took the time to assist the senior citizens in Grambling every Wednesday with a community service project.

Senior Class hosted a Career Fair each semester.

Senior Class Hosted several Graduate information seminars such as Resume writing, mock interviews, and Dress for Success.

Senior Class provided information on Graduation Pictures, Cap and Gowns, stoles, and other Graduating materials

Hosted a Reception for all Graduating Seniors in both the spring and fall.

Hosted a televised forum with Jeff “Cousin Jeff” Johnson on the importance of voting and the significance of Barack Obama’s run for the White House and what it means to the black community.

Represented Grambling in many conferences and programs such as the Thurgood Marshall Leadership Institute and Civic Responsibility conferences.

Participated in many campus activities to make students feel comfortable with working and discussing issues with the Student Government Association.