Annual Spring Bling focuses on sports awareness at GSU

On a humid Monday afternoon, students from Grambling and Louisiana Tech were competing in various sports events by the Assembly Center; however there were no ranking or bragging rights on the line. They were just having good, clean fun. While the majority of the students were in class, the fifth annual get-together among Kinesiology students between Tech and Grambling (dubbed the Spring Bling) was taking place.

For the first time in the five years, the event was held on the Grambling State campus.

Willie F. Daniel, head of the Kinesiology Department, was one of the individuals responsible for putting this program together.

Daniel said that he put this event together to give to students a reason to love their major. Also he said that it gives students a chance to get exercise.

As the event got under way, the students went out and competed in the soccer challenge, home run derby, musical chairs and other types of events.

Even though the students were drenched in sweat and fatigued, they still had a great time.

Charlie Brewer, a kinesiology major, and starting defensive tackle on the football team, enjoyed playing in the home run derby. Brewer went 3-4, which included a home run, after the event.Brewer was tired but had a great time.

“I enjoyed the Spring Fling,” said Brewer.

“This is just a chance to get together and just have a good time.”

For some Louisiana Tech students, it was the first time on the campus of Grambling State University.

Nicholas Smith, a kinesiology major at Louisiana Tech showed off his soccer skills.

Smith was the only person on the red team. The students were split up into three groups and displayed excellent soccer skills, never losing control of the ball.

Even though he was very competitive, Smith had a great time and enjoyed meeting the students at Grambling.

“It’s a chance for the two schools to get together and have some fun,” said Smith.

At the baseball field found Samantha Clark, another Louisiana Tech student was found; unlike Nicholas Smith, she was just a spectator enjoying the friendly atmosphere.

“This a good way to involve the two campuses in a good activity,” said Smith.

After the activities were over, the Grambling and Tech students came together and had refreshments.

Next year sports awareness day, will be held at Louisiana Tech.