A Phi Q crowned champs again

As students filed into the auditorium they waited for the show to get started while patiently sitting in the heat. Although the heat was almost unbearable the musical entertainment from DJ Tagman and B- Solo helped keep their minds off of it.U.A.A.M. (United African American Men) started off the Step Show coming out to the theme of “Friday” from the movie. Four of their members performed in the routine including Courtney Samuels who portrayed Debo, the bully, Timothy Jefferson, Antonio Grimes, and Tyvarion Malone.

This routine showcased their many talents from their various stepping techniques to the creativity of their performance. The crowd was even amazed, by the continuous hoots and hollers being screamed in the crowd during their entire performance.

Alpha Phi Omega was up next with their performance. They came out to a theme which involved scientists, Kenneth Williams and Eric Gilbert and their creation, the members, Markell Williams, Juston Jackson, Vincent Williams, Ray Holbrook, Brandon Tilman, David Myers, and a new aged Terry Lily performed by Anthony Candler. They had a very interesting introduction coming out on stage through time machines to start off their show.

In the middle of their show they enticed the ladies by raising up their shirts to show their muscular physiques, dancing and grinding to the old school sounds of “Computer Love”. Towards the end of their routine Anthony Candler came out on stage as Terry Lily, mimicking his workout routine in which usually takes place in the spring in the Intramural Building known as aerobics.

The crowd broke out in laughter when they realized who he was portraying; it was a sweet way to end the show and definitely a crowd pleaser to say the least.

As the end of the night approached, everyone was on pins and needles waiting to see who would go home in victory with a win or in shame. Non- Greeks were the first to be called. Alpha Phi Omega came in first place making them two-year champs, leaving U.A.A.M in second.

“It feels good to know hard work pays off, but wishes there would’ve been more competition in the running”, said Juston Jackson. Seeing as how they won last year, he proceeded to say, “We were confident that we were going to win, at the same time we didn’t underestimate our components.”

Jackson wanted to make sure that Kenneth Williams and Markell Williams were thanked for all the continued support and effort in assisting them with the show and its success.