Where are police when needed?

I feel unsafe. VERY unsafe. It is no secret that the security, alert system and police manpower on campus lack structure and efficiency. Surveillance cameras are not monitored, dark streets fail to be illuminated by lamp posts, and fights ensue even in the presence of our esteemed, immaculately clad officers. They even receive their share of blows and punches during fights (Tiger Express brawl).

I was just informed that a gun ( yes a gun!) was pulled out on a student in the Jacob T. Stewart computer lab Tuesday. I only found this out Wednesday at approximately 11:30 a.m.

Bear in mind I reside on campus, a block or so away from that building. Why wasn’t the student body informed of this incident?

What happened to the recently updated alert system? I didn’t receive a call/or a text. Did you? We were not alerted to the fact that an armed student was, and probably still is, walking among us, going into our classrooms, walking the yard.


Is the University Police waiting for someone to be shot and/or killed before we can fear for our safety? When an individual has the mindless audacity to terrorize a person by aiming a gun, I believe that person is not afraid to go a bit further. It obviously shows that this person should be detained and be made aware of.

I am not na’ve. I am well aware that there are other students, many more, who own such weapons on campus.

In the Spring of 2008, members of the Favrot Student Union (myself included) and the Student Government Association, went down to the State Capitol in Baton Rouge to protest against guns on campuses in the State of Louisiana. It is disappointing to note that despite convincing arguments for the passing of this Bill, it was denied.

This incident is the precise reason why such arguments are brought up in the community and society as a whole. Grambling State University is a community that deserves protection and safety. There should be some law, some regulation in order to curb the violence brought about by guns on campus.

Students should not have to deal with violence relative to that on the streets and the hood. The police should enforce such laws, inform us when there is a problem, and ensure our safety in dangerous situations. This is NOT being done adequately, and I am gravely disappointed in their duty to protect and serve.

If this incident had gone a bit further, you know that this would be an entirely different article. Possibly one detailing the death of a student or the injuries of many others.