‘Outrageously Red’ celebrates cultural diversity

Many students who entered McCall Dining Hall on April 16, and were mesmerized by the massive participation and support of the day’s events by the workers in the Dining Hall. RED was everywhere!

“Outrageously Red” is a day set aside to recognize love and unity among the different cultures on the campus of Grambling State University.

Workers of the Dining Hall wore red shirts to lend their support to the unity efforts of the residents of Garner Hall, International Student Organization, Department of Residential Life, Senior Residential Assistants Rudolph Ellis and Keith Pascal and Area Coordinator Dana Howard in their endeavors to encourage togetherness.

As the evening progressed, the campus of Grambling State University began to hear the sweet sounds of Caribbean rhythms mixed with the smooth melodies of Nepal complimented by the drum patterns of the sounds of Africa, to name a few.

Yes, it was time to enjoy ‘Outrageously Red’ on the yard.

This cultural extravaganza was held in front of the Men’s Gymnasium from 5 p.m. until 9 p.m. Different cultures were able to perform their native forms of dance and encouraged the audience to participate in games such as an egg toss.

Although an American musical performer cancelled at the last minute, that didn’t stop the show.

If these events sound familiar.it’s because they are. ‘Color Me Red’ was the title of the previous cultural unity efforts. ‘Color Me Red’ was a cultural block party that was hosted by the International Student Organization, in the Spring semesters of 2008 and 2007.

This year the Residents of Garner Hall under the guidance and sponsorship of the Department of Residential Life, took over and renamed the event ‘Outrageously Red’. When asked why the color red was chosen, the residents proclaimed it as being a symbol of the color of love and of the building of the community. “It’s all about love,” the residents of Garner kept in mind while putting this event together.

Organizers of this event felt it was necessary, and also would benefit the students of GSU by offering them an opportunity to display their different cultures, as well as learn the cultures of various different backgrounds.

“There is a lot of diversity amongst the students,” Howard stated, ‘this is just a way to share and learn.”

They wanted the students to understand that we are all different, but alike in so many ways, but nothing should be able to keep us from coming together as one human race. The event was a way to show respect for the different ethnic and racial differences.

Organizers of this event were blown away upon seeing the level of support that the students gave.

This played a major part in making the day’s events such a success. It indeed was a learning experience for the participants as well as the event’s organizers.

“[The support from the students] was amazing!” Pascal proclaimed. “Amazing is somewhat of an understatement. I don’t know if there is a word that can capture the true emotion of that night,” he went on to say.

Thanks to Anthony Jackson, the new director of Housing and Residential Life, and his support, the campus should look forward to bigger and better activities promoting togetherness and unity from the residents.

The organizers of this cultural explosion would like to sincerely thank the students, Aramark and the faculty of Grambling State University for their support, donations, and participation that went toward making Outrageously Red the success that it was.

‘Outrageously Red’ was just the beginning. There is more to come from the diverse campus cultures.