Keri Hilson’s beef stew with other divas

When the cats are away the mice will play. But are the cats really away when they’re consumed in other facets of the entertainment industry and fall prey to the vile words of up and coming artist hoping to steal the spot light?The claws came out recently when Keri Hilson shared some harsh words for her fellow R&B ‘sistahs’ Beyonce and Ciara on her latest single, a remix to the infectious “Turning me on” featuring T-Pain and Lil Wayne.

Some believe that this is a marketing strategy that seeks to salvage Keri’s album, which dropped March 24, an album that might not stand the fight against a deteriorating economy.

In recent interviews on Atlanta’s 103.3 Hilson asserted that the track was blown out of proportion, in a rather apologetic tone, and contended that it was geared to all “the haters” and “anyone who’s ever told me I couldn’t.”

Clearly this did not stand firm in the ears and eyes of Beyonce and Ciara fans as the lyrics to the remix suggest otherwise, leaving no room for assumptions as to who they’re geared at.

Hilson croons in her remix ” I ain’t tryna start no mess, there’s just something on my chest that I need to get off,” hinting at the fact that these feelings have been sitting with her for quite some time. She also continues “ya vision cloudy if you think that you the best”… “Need to MOVE IT TO THE LEFT”… “You need to go have some babies, you need to sit down you fadin.” These lyrics, entertainment veterans believe were a direct hit at Beyonce.

Ciara felt the blunt of the blow where Hilson blasted her for thinking she possessed any kind of creativity. She added ” Go on head tell these folks how I been writing ya songs. I been puttin you on, just check the credits…If you want me you can find me in Decatur…”

This dispute has clearly left a bitter taste in Hilson’s fans mouths as they see the confusion as unwarranted and senseless.

On the other hand, some believe it’s her time to shine and she’s just doing whatever necessary to attain it. However, everyone will agree that the whole situation is tasteless and reflects poorly on African American women in the entertainment industry. Ciara stated in a recent on air interview that there is enough room for everyone in this industry, and there is no need for tearing each other down.

How are we as colored people going to achieve any form of real respect when we use base tactics to achieve success? Whatever happened to the straight and decent path?

Devaluing each other’s art form leaves no room for anyone to flourish.