GSU’s professionals honor self and spirit at luncheon

The GSU Administrative Professionals sponsored the 34th Annual Administrative Workshop in Washington Johnson Complex Wednesday afternoon. The entire day was dedicated to professional and personal development. The luncheon honored Dorothy Burks, a former GSU employee who was killed.

The food was presented and prepared by the Hotel Restaurant Management Club and instructing chef, Saul Williams. The group refilled, readjusted and catered to participants so frequently that glasses barely had time to be emptied.

Lunch quickly turned into a spiritual gathering as the Rev. Connie Breaux led prayer prior to Rev. Calvin Wortham’s speech.

No collection plate circulated, but Wortham created church as he reflected upon the importance of keeping God first and avoiding personal glory. He urged listeners to give their props to the Most High. He also said that everything happens for a reason, to satisfy God.

“Keep doing what you’re doing for Grambling and the Lord,” he said.

He urged faculty and staff to accept their major roles in shaping the excellence of students and the university. Though resources are limited expectations remain high he said.

Wortham instructed listeners to “underscore destiny and quality of service” while leading balanced lives.

Graduating senior Karry Wright managed the event. After plates were cleared he gifted listeners with an impromptu a capella gospel selection from the Williams Brothers.

Williams shared his gratitude for the students who helped him carry the event and took off his metaphorical hat to them for a job well done.