From Miss GHS to Miss GSU

“Ain’t no way around it,” she says about rural life. Her prominent cheekbones beam with excitement as she talks about her family life.

Miss Grambling State University, Ahvery Thomas is a self-proclaimed country girl who recalls how living simply encouraged community involvement and fostered loving relationships.

She comes from a big family in Ruston and happily recalls her ascension to the university throne.

Some might call her crown predestined. She moved through the Grambling educational system from Alma J. Brown Elementary on up. She was also Miss Grambling High 2004-2005.

She arrives to her interview promptly, donning a black DBW shirt and jeans. Her jet-black wrap complements her complexion and shapes her face. Her makeup is muted. Her accessories are modest and appear to parallel her humble demeanor.

She speaks with an amiable Southern drawl and depth of ideas. She plans to question the governor’s denial of stimulus funds when they meet during Bayou Classic.

She is dissatisfied with the decision’s economic ramifications and saddened by increased poverty caused by it. Viewing Gov. Bobby Jindal as a specific stressor of her people, she anticipates skipping out on a photo op with him should he choose not to address her concerns.

Passionate about the people, she’s not all fire though.

She reiterates her platform and discloses plans for upcoming forums emphasizing the importance of cherishing one’s self, loved ones and education, among other things.

She pauses thoughtfully, sits in a booth in the Xpress and smiles at passersby. Several people stop by to hug, congratulate and/or just speak to her. She offers hugs and chats up every single one effortlessly.

A current cheerleader, former dancer, basketball player, twirler and track runner, she is accustomed to leading a bustling life.

The biggest perk she’s received thus far is a stronger connection with the people of Grambling she says. Recalling making friends on the campaign trail, she sends special shoutouts to occupants of the 700 dorms.

The queen has plans, plans and more plans.

She wants to address the student body and will set up a suggestion box in the Student Union. She understands that she can’t accomplish everything she would like to alone, so she also looks forward to working with the administration to increase recruitment and discuss concerns.

As for personal post graduation plans, Thomas anticipates leaving the Grambling area and checking into larger institutions to satisfy her business management and marketing aspirations.

Her ultimate goal is to market for the collegiate level or professional sports teams, preferably with an executive position.

” I need to be more diverse,” she says.

But all that is down the line.

As for now, she’s reveling in the newness of her reign and enjoying all the connections she’s made .

However all the talk about connections, plans, family and the future might draw one’s attention to silver studded ring on her left hand. Is Miss GSU, Mrs. GSU? Absolutely not.

She jerks her head back quickly.

“Oh, no,” she says.

It just looks cute on that finger.