GSU well represented at the MUPIE conference

The Thurgood Marshall College Fund hosted the 2009 Member University Professional Institute and Exhibition conference. The conference was hosted in New Orleans.

Student leaders Christel Eugene, Chris Harmon, Christopher Hughes, Daniel Nwachokor, Jacquelyn Hoyle, June Wilson, Lawerence Gulley, Nicholas Dailey, Roshunda Belton, Steven Jackson, Vallon Wilson, and Whitney Waller were selected to attend the conference.

The students had the opportunity to attend several luncheons and seminars that discussed information directed to students interested in business marketing and Managing.

Several speakers giving presentations took the time to talk closely with students and gave the students a chance to sell themselves. The seminars were also used for networking purposes. Students did not just have to network with the employers, but they had the opportunity to talk with other students and share campus ideas.

“I have been on three Thurgood Marshall conferences and I believe that I will continue to stay involved in years to come to gain more networking opportunities,” stated by the Junior Class President Chris Hughes.

Many students learn that at these conferences, the best of the best will always be in attendance and each student should take advantage of these opportunities as much as possible.

The Thurgood Marshall Program offers students various scholarships and opportunities to get their name and resume out into the open market.

The MUPIE conference was designed to help students market themselves and to coach them on becoming successful businessmen and women. Exhibitors did not make the students feel as if they were wasting their time to try and get a job. The exhibitors actually encouraged students to apply to their jobs and they showed students the most successful way to apply to each occupation.

The chaperones of the event did an excellent job of making sure that the students were gaining knowledge and taking advantage of this opportunity, rather than staying in the room or roaming the streets of New Orleans.

It was strictly enforced that all students participated and was in attendance of each conference session. Door prizes and treats were also given in each session to keep the students entertained with what was going on.

“I believe that the Thurgood Marshall Program is a very successful program and it allows students to really get a lot of knowledge and experience in the real world and properly prepares them for graduation,” said SGA Vice President Steven Jackson.

All students are encouraged to check with the financial aid office and request information on Thurgood Marshall and get involved with the programs. The program offers various conferences for different topics such as business, managing, marketing, teaching, civic responsibility, leadership, and many others.