The James B. Haskin journey comes to an end after 105 years

A life well lived sums up the existence of James B. Haskin. At the prosperous age of 105, Mr. Haskin vacated his earthly body and ascended spiritually to a better place on March 25, 2009. Just shy of his 106th birthday on today, “Big Daddy” simply could not hold on any longer. He is a man respected by many because of his ability to do it all.

As a resident of Lucky, where there is not much more than a store and a church, “Big Daddy” had to be innovative. Learning to be content was not a problem for Mr. Haskin; all he needed was his faith, his farming, his family, and his church.

Education was something that the centurion never had the privilege of, however this did not stunt his spiritual knowledge or his ability to get things done. The Bible was his textbook for lessons on life and he transferred his expertise and insight to his seven children.

Born in 1903, Mr. Haskin was a man who could truly say he’s seen it all from the country enduring numerous wars, natural disasters, technological advances, and the nation’s first Black president. Many are amazed at his longevity, but those close to Mr. Haskin know that he stayed active and never fell victim to the quick fix.

He was no stranger to hard work, which can partly be attributed to his extended life.

Along with his astounding age of 105, “Big Daddy” will be remembered for being a man of character, strength, ingenuity, strong family values, and a deep love for the Lord.

Forever etched in the memories of many is that James B. Haskin was blessed with an incredibly long life, but more importantly a life well lived.