Reader takes a different point of view

Since going through the metamorphosis of the “new birth” I have realized it is nothing we can do to get closer to god. Luke 17:21 say god already rules us from within. That means everything any man does is under the supervision of god, that is why the meaning of Jesus’ name common to the father is the only name by which we are saved, I am that I am saves. What that definition suggests is we are all in the process of being saved. Only a remnant is to be saved at the coming harvest time and others as succeeding harvest times (Mat. 13:24-30). We do not look to nature to for wisdom, but everything man questions is symbolized in nature. The things which we question the most are some of the things we see the most in nature. The following are some examples.

We question “life after discarnation” and seasonal trees incarnate a body of leaves over its ghost, the wood, every spring to discarnate it every fall showing us reincarnation is a fact.

We have evergreen trees showing us what everlasting life is like, we maintain our indestructible body through a cycle of such length that we call it everlasting or eternity. We have the metamorphosis showing us what happens when we are “born again”, how we leave being a seasonal tree to become an evergreen.

We have the cycle of the day to suggest both reincarnation and the operation of man on earth is cyclic between our 2 genders, boys for the day and girls for darkness (Rev. 21). We have the four seasons of the year to symbolize the four color ethnics of man, Asians as yellow-green budding of spring begins civilizations, Red riping of fruit in summer for Natives of the Americas, the darkening of leaves sand fruit in fall for Africans and white snow of winter for Europeans ending the world.

Therefore, in order for the earth to remain inhabited forever “X” number of souls are harvested during the end of civilizations, and with even less being harvested during the civilizations like Enoch, Elijah, Moses and Yeshua (Jesus). So man in mass are providing the things for the remnant to observe to become wise (Dan. 12:10) and survive the termination of civilization (1 Thes. 4:15 & 17), then they reincarnate (Rev 20:5) as children of the survivors for 6000 years as the remnant are raptured according to the paymaster parable (Mat. 20:1-16).

Keeping that in mind, we become a man who “walk not in the counsel of the ungodly, nor stand in the way of sinners, nor sit in the seat of the scornful” but are delighted in comprehending the purpose for all things (Psalm 1).

Peace and Joy to you all.